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How We Live our RAPID Values, Everyday:


Green Africa Airways was founded with one primary mission – to use the power of air travel to create a better future for people. The mission rests on three key pillars:

  • Make safe, quality and affordable air travel accessible to a much broader group of people, first in Nigeria and later on across the broader African continent
  • Foster an environment for the gTeam where ideas thrive, people blossom, and meaningful impact is
  • created
  • Build Green Africa Airways into a brand platform that will showcase a positive narrative of the region and that we can all proudly call part of our respective legacies




Resilience and Kind Spirit


  • You possess a strong aptitude for emotional, physical and mental toughness to overcome challenges in your personal/professional journey
  • You have the ability to navigate life with an upbeat spirit despite challenges and disappointments
  • You have an optimistic outlook on situations
  • You are a reliable team player/ leader that can guide his/her team victory no matter the circumstances
  • Individuals that know how to cope despite setbacks, obstacles and limited resources





  • You have a proven-track record of being no-political, a strong moral compass and driven by great moral values (e.g., being transparent, honest, ethical with unequivocal integrity
  • You do not play politics, you strive to be honest, impartial and transparent at work, everyday
  • You are comfortable with telling the truth no matter the situation and standing for the truth and fairness
  • You instinctually go “above and beyond” what is expected of you, mediocrity at Green Africa Airways is not an option, excellence only
  • You are able to admit that you’ve made a mistake to your colleagues and learn from it
  • You are committed to Green Africa Airways corporate social responsibility by being an ambassador of RAPID



Professional Excellence


  • You have an insatiable desire and power to be the best in your industry
  • You are highly motivated, independent, with a strong desire to learn new skills, new ways of things
  • You take ownership of every project and tasks that you are given with little guidance
  • You are a A + player that will bring credibility and experience to the table to enrich our Company
  • You resume is just an extension of what you will bring to the table
  • You can thrive in a performance-driven culture and understand the importance of effective communication skills and discernment
  • You actually pay attention to detail – not just another buzzword to impress our Talent Management Team



Intellectual Curiosity/ Humility


  • You are highly curious about world events and how the world is changing
  • You have a pantomath mindset- you are highly knowledgeable, inquisitive, and open to embracing different cultures and word views without alienating others
  • You have an innovative spirit, you are constantly thinking ahead, and how to solve issues
  • You embrace cognitive diversity and cultural diversity within teams
  • You are not embarrassed or too prideful to let others within your team that you may not have all the answers- and it is okay
  • Being open to others opinion if it is contrary to your thinking- we can always learn from others
  • You do not desire to be the smartest person in the room, but you desire to acquire new prospective to become a better professional, friend and community member



Developing the Team & Others


  • You are generous with your knowledge and invested in sharing what you know to make your team stronger
  • You value mentorships – being a mentor or having mentors around you as you navigate your skills
  • You love to groom upcoming Talent because you recognize their potential and they can help Green Africa Airways succeed
  • You are not threatened by other Talents but inspired to learn from them and vice-versa
  • You desire to be a great ambassador of Green Africa Airways Promise to Customers and RAPID culture
  • You recognize that success is never an individual effort but a concerted team-effort

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