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When you think of agriculture in southwest Nigeria, Akure makes an appearance in the top 2 cities to visit.

Akure is an agricultural trade centre for cassava, corn (maize), bananas, rice, palm oil and kernels, okra, rubber, coffee, and pumpkins. Although cocoa is by far the most important local commercial crop, cotton, teak, and palm produce are also cultivated for export.

Due to the presence of a Federal University of Technology in the city, it is fast becoming a growing tech city with students associating with various top tech companies to build their own community.

Agriculture + Technology...seems like a city for the future.

Fun Fact: Folktale has it that upon arrival at the city, the bead of the founding prince cut thus causing the people to exclaim "Àkún rę" (or The beads have snapped), this later becoming the name of the settlement they established on the site.

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