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Capital of Rivers state in southern Nigeria, the port town is located 41 miles (66 km) upstream from the Gulf of Guinea. Port Harcourt is one of Nigeria’s leading industrial centres with bulk storage facilities for both palm oil and petroleum. Now one of Nigeria’s largest ports, its deep-water facilities handle the export of palm oil, palm kernels, and timber from the surrounding area, coal from Anambra state, tin and columbite from the Jos Plateau, and, since 1958, petroleum from fields in the eastern Niger River delta. Aside from being the oil capital, Port Harcourt is also known for the vibrant late-night activities and entertainment scene.

The people of this city love to celebrate life and they have the wealth to celebrate it quite well. Being a Delta, the city is surrounded by bodies of water which gives them access to lots of good food (including sea food).

Port Harcourt is one city where people live on Islands (surrounded by water) and water front houses are a norm for its indigenes.

Port Harcourt International Airport is an international airport located in Omagwa, a suburb of the city. The airport has two terminals for both international and domestic flights.

Grab a meal of Bole and fish as you explore the relaxed oil city of Port-Harcourt (or you can simply call it PH).

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