The gTeam

Visionary founding team committed to building Green Africa Airways into a world class airline


He earned his bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Economics from Illinois Wesleyan University where he also served as student body president. He holds an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business. Babawande is also the founder of Teatime Capital, a venture capital initiative focused on making micro-equity investments to ultra-small Nigerian businesses in often overlooked regions of the country.

Babawande Afolabi

Founder & CEO

Captain Jag is the Chief Operating Officer of Green Africa Airways. Prior to joining Green Africa Airways, he held senior leadership roles at Caribbean Airlines including Acting CEO and Vice President of Operations. During his two tenures as Acting CEO (2013-2014 & 2016-2017), Captain Jag worked with the Board of Directors to successfully restructure and reposition Caribbean Airlines.

As Vice President of Operations at Caribbean Airlines, his responsibilities covered Flight Operations, Ground Operations, maintaining regulatory relationships, and working closely with the Engineering & Maintenance Team. In the early years of his career at Caribbean Airlines, Captain Jag served as a Training Captain, Fleet Manager, Check Airman and Chief Pilot

Jagmohan Singh


Captain Folu is the Chief Pilot at Green Africa Airways. Before joining Green Africa Airways, Folu served as the Technical Pilot at Arik Air and Aero Contractors. He flew for various scheduled and non-scheduled airlines across the region where he was tasked with various management and training responsibilities.

Folu holds a Canadian and Nigerian Airline Transport Pilot Licenses and is type rated on several aircraft including the Boeing 737 Classic, Boeing 737 New Generation, Bombardier CRJ900 and Challenger 605.

Folu Oladipo

Chief Pilot

Princesse is the Head of Talent Management at Green Africa Airways. Prior to joining Green Africa Airways, Princesse helped early-stage start-ups in education and human resources technology to develop products and services to better serve their customers.

Princesse holds a bachelor’s degree in international development of Africa and Minor in African Studies from Portland State University where she rekindled her love for the African continent through design and entrepreneurship.

Princesse Likayi

Director of People and Culture
Nathan K Smith

Nathan is the Director of Aircraft Maintenance & Engineering for Green Africa Airways. He comes to Green Africa Airways with 40+ years of commercial aviation experience. He worked for American Airlines for 27 years in the aircraft maintenance and engineering department and served in key management roles. He also served as the senior aerospace & defense analyst and consultant for Frost & Sullivan’s in the North American Aerospace & Defense Sector. He was the managing consultant for the commercial aviation team at JCBA in the United Kingdom where he consulted for airlines in western and eastern Europe, the Middle East and South Africa.

Nathan has held executive and senior executive management positions in maintenance and engineering with several airline in Africa, Asia and the Middle East that include Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Cairo, Egypt, Lagos, Nigeria and Gurgaon, India.

Nathan K. Smith

Director of Maintenance and Engineering
Lara Yusuff

Lara is the Director of Quality & Safety at Green Africa Airways. Prior to joining Green Africa Airways, Lara held management positions with leading airlines, designers and manufacturers of aircraft components, spanning across several fields of aviation such as Engineering, Flight Operations, Ground Operations, Health & Safety, Maintenance, as well as Training Organizations across the industry.

She holds a bachelor’s degree with Honors in Aeronautical Engineering from City University of London and a master’s in international business management from the University of West London. She is also fluent in one of the native languages and conversant in others. Her interests include studying art, culture, history, music, nature and poetry.

Lara Yusuff

Director of Quality & Safety

Yemisi Bolarinwa is the Corporate Legal Advisor at Green Africa Airways. Prior to joining the gTeam, she was Head of Chambers at Peniel Solicitors and Advocates, Lagos, Nigeria. She has extensive experience in corporate, property and civil rights law. In the early days of her career, Yemisi served as State Adviser to the Ministry of Justice, Ebonyi State, Nigeria and was responsible for developing and reviewing state policies and reports.

Yemisi holds a Bachelor of Laws Degree from the University of Lagos, Nigeria and a master’s degree in International Law from Coventry University, United Kingdom.

Yemisi Bolarinwa

Corporate Legal Advisor

Audu is the Office Manager for Green Africa Airways. He began his journey with Green Africa Airways during the early stages of operations. He is responsible for housing and corporate office programs while working closely with the CEO and other founding members.

Audu has over 20 years of experience providing housing managerial support for senior officials in Nigeria. Audu speaks fluent Hausa (Amo) and intermediate Yoruba and Igbo. His favorite past time activity is cooking.

Audu Dodo Osman

Office Manager

Ope is the Senior Financial Analyst-Intern at Green Africa Airways. Prior to joining Green Africa Airways, Ope gained experience in corporate strategy & development at Cargill, venture capital & private equity at Apsara Capital, and M&A advisory at PwC serving clients across industries. He started his career as an external auditor at KPMG.

He earned his bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of Lagos, Nigeria and has completed the ACCA qualification exams. He holds a Master’s in Finance degree from the London Business School, United Kingdom. Ope loves to travel, enjoys theatre shows and goes indoor rock climbing.

Opeoluwa Caulcrick


Jasmine is the Director of Cabin Services at Green Africa Airways. Prior to joining Green Africa Airways, she held senior leadership positions with leading airlines in India like AirAsia, SpiceJet & Kingfisher. Her initial career was as a flight attendant with Modiluft, Tower Air & KLM. Her experience also spans training and auditing roles.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in B.Sc. Nutrition & Dietetics as well as Psychology & Textiles from University of Delhi. She is fond of travelling and enjoys making terrariums.

Jasmine Dhillon

Director of Cabin Services

Captain Bart is the Chairman of the Safety Board at Green Africa Airways which oversee safety policy, operational procedures and establishes flight operation standards and best operating practices.

He comes to Green Africa Airways by way of 30+ years in commercial aviation at American Airlines which spanned 28 years and JetBlue Airways for 3 ½ years. While at American, Bart served in many leadership positions which included several Check Airmen positions, Training Manager for the Boeing 777, Managing Director of Flight Operations and Chief Pilot to name a few. Bart also served as the Vice President Flight Operations at JetBlue. He holds type ratings on 9 commercial aircraft and is certified as an instructor with a CFI, CFII and MEI.

Bart served in the United States Navy for 25 years, retired as a Captain and was the Commanding Officer of Navy Fleet Logistics Squadron, VR-59, based in Ft Worth Texas

Bart Roberts

Chairman, Safety Board