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A city geographically and strategically located right in the middle of Nigeria. Surrounding it is Niger to the west and northwest, Kaduna to the northeast, Nassarawa to the east and south, and Kogi to the southwest. 

As the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria, Abuja holds a diverse range of cultures from all parts of the country. The Aso Rock Villa is one enormous monolith that dominates the city with many other landmarks.

As you approach Abuja, the city's beauty cannot go unnoticed even from the skies. The careful planning is evident and more appealing in aerial view. So, when next you fly to Abuja, look out your window to feed your eyes. 

For Abuja residents, hiking trails and public parks are features they are super proud to have and share with visitors. Be sure to pack your hiking boots on your next visit to Abuja. 

When you need some chill and thrill, make sure to get a taste of some of the best Kilishi you can have in the North.

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