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Akure is a southwestern Nigerian tropic rainforest city and the capital of Ondo State. It is a significant contributor to the agricultural economy of Nigeria. Over the years, Akure has produced and continues to farm cocoa, yams, cassava, corn, and many other farm products.

Asides from its agricultural exploits, it is a beaming light of youthfulness. It is especially true with the presence of the Federal University of Technology. 

The university brings in a vibrant group of young and entrepreneurial minds into the city. Their drive excels through tech and other emerging career paths that help build new solutions for new communities.

Here are some interesting places and things to do in the Akure - A visit to the Deji of Akure Palace will bring you closer to the cultural heritage of the people of Akure. The Akure City Hall and the Cultural Centre (Adegbemile) are popular places for film shows during holidays. Also, the Cultural Centre holds a gallery where you can see great and beautiful artwork.

When it comes to food, Akure has a few native dishes such as Ekuru Ogbede, Egbidi and Ọjọjọ, which is made with grained water yam.

When you want to have a bird’s eye view, the Idanre Hills will give you a fair challenge on your way to the hilltop.

Ikogosi Warm Springs is another natural wonder with a proximity to Ondo State. It is one of the natural wonders, famous for its confluence of warm and cold springs.

Akure is one of Nigeria’s best-kept tourism secrets.

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