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Benin is the ancient capital city of Edo State with a vast culture that offers a lot of history, art, and festivity.

As the principal birthplace of the Kingdom of Benin, the city represents one of the oldest monarchies in Nigeria that gave rise to an artistic era, which has led to the city being internationally known for its bronze sculptures.

To truly immerse yourself in this unique world of arts, a visit to the National Museum, Igun Street, and the Oba’s Palace will take you through artefacts, sculptures, and royal pieces that represent the times and lives of the indigenous people of Benin.

The people of Benin have one of the most elegant dress cultures that fuses beads, bangles, and anklets. The Benin red beads are a dress piece that cannot go unnoticed, distinguishing a Benin man or woman from another person in a crowd.

When it comes to food, you will find enough local mouthwatering meals that will have you asking for more. Schedule your trip to include tasting some Uworwen - Oiwo (Black soup), Owo (Oil & Potash soup), Afor (Vegetable soup) and Ogwaligho rice.

Many festivals are held in Benin annually to celebrate various notable events and seasons. The Igue festival is the most popular of the festivals held between Christmas and New Year, where the Oba celebrates the history and culture of the people and blesses the land. The city also plays host to the Benin City Film Festival which has been held annually since 2018.

Get a travel buddy to experience the ancient kingdom of Benin and be sure to capture every beautiful sight. Make your journey complete by returning with an art piece for your home gallery.

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