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A sporting and agro-rich western Nigerian city, the city earths some of the finest natural resources such as limestone, dolomite, kaolin and even pure gold.

Transportation within Ilorin is relatively easy. You have options that includes the conventional taxis, the car-hire services, the commercial motorbikes and tricycles. Ilorin is also a melting pot of tribes from the many parts of Nigeria, as well as foreign nationals.

There are number of locations in Ilorin you will find thrilling to visit. For instance, atop the Sobi Hill, you can have another moment to take in the beauty of the city.

At Okuta Ilorin, you can walk the same rocky tops of one of the founding fathers of the city, Ojo Isekuse. Legend has it that he used the “Okuta” (meaning stone) to sharpen his metal tools, the act of sharpening his metal tools is the inspiration behind the city’s name, “Okuta ilo irin” (meaning stone for sharpening metals).

The traditional textile industry also thrives in Ilorin. In various parts of the city, aso-oke, textiles hand-woven on simple looms, are made in large quantities. Aso-oke is purchased by traders and fashion designers from Kwara State, other parts of Nigeria and abroad.

The city also observes the Durban Festival and Egungun festival, which usually held once every two years in Omu-Aran and environs. When you are in Ilorin, you can have a taste of the native wàrá.

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