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A tropical wet climate south-south Nigerian city that is well known for its contribution to the Nigerian’s global market strength and overall GDP through its crude oil rich lands.

The city houses many multinational firms as part of its industrial complex. With two main oil refineries, Port-Harcourt produces over 200,000 barrels of crude oil per day and that cements the city’s claim to be one of the wealthiest regions in Nigeria.

Apart from the industrial nature of Port-Harcourt, nightlife, music and entertainment are a big part of the city’s lifestyle.

The people of this city love to celebrate life and they have the wealth to celebrate it quite well. Being a Delta, the city is surrounded by bodies of water which gives them access to lots of good food (especially seafood).

Port Harcourt International Airport is located at Omagwa, a suburb of the city. It has two terminals that serves both international and domestic flights. You get to fly out of Nigeria to international destinations or fly to other Nigerian cities through its domestic terminal.

Grab a meal of Bole and fish as you explore the relaxed oil city of Port-Harcourt (or you can simply call it PH).

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