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Every expectant mother can travel from conception until the end of 27 weeks without a Fit-to-fly certificate.
To ensure a safe and comfortable journey, please carry the following documents along with your valid identification: 
Fit-To-Fly Pregnancy Certificate


A medical certificate from a reputable hospital indicating the duration of your pregnancy and confirming your fitness to fly. 

Also as part of regulatory standards, please note the following;
  • No pregnant woman would be allowed to travel after 36 weeks, even with a medical certificate.
  • Women with multiple pregnancies (e.g., twins) cannot travel after 32 weeks, even with a medical certificate.
  • From week 28 till the end of week 35 (or week 32 for multiple pregnancy) a Fit-to-fly certificate is required.
We appreciate your choice to fly with Green Africa and eagerly look forward to having you on board.